• Fiona Breslin

    Professional Make-up Artist

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About Me

About Me

I have been a passionate makeup artist based in
London for over 10 years

Professional make-up artist, Fiona Breslin, has spent a lifetime perfecting her art with
practice in fine art, fashion and craft. Based in London, she absorbs her inspiration
from everything around her and love of art, history, fashion and costume. She loves to
express inner beauty in both light and darkness. Her passion and hard work has led her
to be able to work with some of the world’s leading organisations and beauty brands
including Pinewood Studios, Universal Studios, The Old Vic Theatre, MAC, Bobbi Brown,
Estee Lauder, Rituals Cosmetics, Laura Mercier and Cover FX.

Fiona Breslin

makeup artist

Film And TV

Film and television stars rely on makeup artists to look glamorous on screen.
Highlight your beauty for the camera.


Photography is the perfect way to preserve special moments in time. Make sure
you look flawless for the camera.


Modeling is an exciting and rewarding career. Your makeup can make all the
difference when you step onto the catwalk.

Certificates & Awards

We did not get into this business to win awards or to be featured in magazines. That said, it is
humbling to be recognized for our craft.

London, United Kingdom


142 Flat D, London, W14 0NL

Phone number

+ 44 (20) 7946 0666

Mobile Number

    07895 904 802